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Poker Tournaments from around the world

Aussie Millions:

The Crown Poker Australian Championship is the official title of what is more casually, and affectionately known as the Aussie Millions. Launched in 1997 under the name of the Australasian Poker Championship, it is now the biggest and most prestigious Poker event held South of the equator.

The Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, is the home of the Aussie Millions. Players from all over the world are attracted to the luxury and class of the casino, as well as the excitement and kudos of the Poker being played.

European Poker Tour:

Following in the footsteps of the World Poker Tour, first broadcast by the Travel Channel in 2003, the European Poker Tour was developed as a television series to follow the world's professional poker players in the major tournaments across Europe. In 2004, the popularity of Texas Hold'em poker was exploding across the world, not only in the states, but also in Europe, and this brought major European talent to light, including players like Ram Vaswani, Marcel Luske and Ross Boatman.

The major European Poker Tour tournaments are held in Dublin (Ireland), London (UK), Copenhagen (Denmark), Deauville (France), Barcelona (Spain), Baden (Germany) and, of course, Monte Carlo in Monaco.

World Poker Tour:

The World Poker Tour launched it's first season between 2002-2003, and was the very first television show of it's kind in the United States. The show is part of the Travel Channel and is one of the first shows to actively aim to bring poker to a wider audience. The Mission Statement for the WPT states that the intention "is establish poker as a significant televised mainstream sport by broadcasting top poker tournaments around the world under the premier brand of the World Poker Tour."

So how exactly does the World Poker Tour hope to achieve this goal? The answer lies firstly in the two men who are the creators of the show; casino mogul Lyle Berman and Television Producer (and poker fan) Steve Lipscomb.

World Series Of Poker:

The World Series of Poker is probably the most prestigious Poker event in the world and to this day remains a spectacle of fascination, glamour, nerves and skilled strategy. The concept of the World Series of Poker was originally created by Tom Morehead of the Riverside Casino in Reno as an invitation - only event in the 1960's. This event received limited accolades and failed to impact greatly onto the Poker playing population. The idea only really flourished under the guidance and direction of Benny Binion, Poker player, casino owner, Las Vegas Legend.

Benny Binion was a tough man, running casinos in and around Dallas in the 1930's. Reputedly he had killed at least 2 men on his way to the top.

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