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Poker Rooms - Poker Tournaments

Online Poker Rooms

There are a number of online poker rooms available for you to play at and we have selected the ones that stand out to us. They all offer excellent services to their players, like offering seats at the major land based tournaments to just unsurpassed customer service to state-of-the-art gaming software. Whatever your looking for in an online poker room, you will find one that satisfies your needs right here.


Atlantic City

Poker Rooms - Atlantic City:

Atlantic City, New Jersey is world famous for being one of the most exciting and prestigious places to play Poker. There are many poker rooms, offering games and tournaments at all levels, from low limit games at the Trump Taj Mahal to high stakes games at The Borgata. Whichever your preferred poker game is, whether Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud or even Pai Gow, there is a poker room to suit you.

The tournaments take place all year round, and the listings are widely available. The action tends to centre on the Boardwalk and Marina areas, but other rooms can be found outside of this region in the city who's slogan is "Always turned on!"


Las Vegas

Poker Rooms - Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is at the forefront of the world stage of gambling with card rooms, slots and any game under the sun being available, to suit every taste. It is Poker however, that is really flourishing, both on and off the Strip. In recent years, televised poker games have encouraged and motivated new players to join the throngs of experienced players who love the game. Televised poker games, from the World Poker Tour events to the World Series of Poker games that are screened on ESPN continue to receive strong ratings, pleasing both the networks and the viewers alike.

In 2003, the relative amateur Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker, the 2.5million first prize. It was his first casino tournament - all of his other games had only ever been played online! With players like him and two-time Poker World Tour winner Gus Hansen both being in their twenties, poker is being brought to younger generations of players and is enjoying the surge in interest from not only TV coverage, but also Internet accessibility.


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